The corporate environment is growing and changing in an unprecedented rate, thus requiring organisations to not only proactively, but also continuously plan for a rather unfamiliar future. Strategic planning comes in handy for this, as it allows organisations to create deliberate path, and generate measurable outcomes using effective decision-making processes on their most significant strategic issues.

We acknowledge the importance of this. This is why we build long-term relationships with our clients and partner with leaders to design and implement strategies that address a broad spectrum of challenges. We assist countries and organisations reach their desired outcomes that can be anchored around differentiating capabilities, cutting costs, globalisation, digitalisation, or expansion. Our planning process is based on the foundation of thoroughness, data driven analytics, and comprehensive engagement of various stakeholders.

BI Consulting has had a hand in the development and implementation of a variety of strategic plans across the GCC and MENA; from national and sector strategies to corporate, business and functional strategies.

Approaching two decades of success stories across a variety of industries in both the public and private sectors, our people are uniquely positioned to help organisations set the right goals and reach them. We begin the journey with our meticulous situational assessment which defines where the company stands, the ecosystem around it, and the priorities within it.

This is followed by rigorous analysis, strategic alternatives generation, and multi-angled planning that explores new opportunities, encourages innovation, and prepares for the realities of tomorrow.

We also provide organisations with a comprehensive, and digitalised implementation plan that details strategic initiatives. We complement that with a change management plan, a risk management plan and a cross-organizational communication plan tailored to catalyse the realisation of the strategy. We connect the stakeholders in every step of the process and ensure that people are positioned to respond to, and welcome change. We become part of our clients’ family and stick around to ensure that the plans and initiatives have been implemented and the transformation has been achieved.

We do not stop there. We follow up to ensure sustainability is in place by assembling and training an in-house team endowed with the necessary skills to follow through with the implementation of the strategy.

We know it isn’t about the planning, but rather about the impact that the planning is creating towards the triple bottom line.

The global pandemic has presented a new world of risks and challenges, from disruption to digitalisation, and changed business models. These changes are creating an impact on how organisations position themselves in the value chain and how they maintain real competitive advantage. This conducts the need to rethink and reshape corporate core and functions as well as implementing improved business models. Our strategic planning prepares organisations for disruptive events such as the pandemic through the creation of risk, change and communication management. This allows organisations to sustain stability and workflow, ensure continuity, and welcomes change as an opportunity. Our main focus is to move from reacting to mitigating the impact of the disruptive events and to create stronger strategies that will maintain business continuity. We help in scenario planning, business modelling and continuity management plans that incorporate multidimensional impacts of internal and external changes.


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