“Through a value-led mentality we support our people, our clients, and the community around us towards a better world. We lean on our values to develop a culture that makes real impact on the people we work with and the clients we deliver to. In the age of agility, we believe upskilling is the best way to grow our people and every organisation we partner with."

- Hazem Shaheen
Chief Executive Officer and Founder at BI Consulting


Every successful project requires a balance of analysis and creativity. Through building sustainable change for our clients, our people and the society around us we help in shaping a better future. Our purpose is developing trust and pushing capabilities to create an innovative working world. We are a specialist management consultancy focused on helping major public and private sector organisations thrive and grow over the long term across the MENA region.

Since our launch, we have successfully delivered 100s of projects. Each project is unique and we know our clients are expecting more than ready-made solutions that have been rolled out to others. Working closely with leaders at every step of the way, we develop a profound understanding of organisational challenges and long-term objectives. We combine our expertise with best-in-class analytical tools to examine the wider business climate and define truly global solutions that will work in practice.

Our approach is always to act as your strategic partner, so we’ll be ready to go the extra mile. We align our work with the specific needs of the organisation as well as its values and culture.

The fact that 65% of our clients continue to work with us speaks for itself.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

To empower. To push the boundaries and live up to our responsibility as trusted advisors, as we help organisations, and their people thrive. To create real value that generates enduring impact and sets new standards of excellence.

Our Story

Our Story

After building our extensive background in senior executive and consulting roles, we grasped upon the need for a top-flight regional management consultancy. It was clear that organisations with ambitions to distinguish themselves needed support in transforming their business. They needed experts with exceptional business acumen who also have a profound knowledge of the local and regional business context. That is why, in 2006, we launched BI Consulting.

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Our People

'Our people are our greatest asset'. How many times have you seen companies claim that? Yet, in our case, it's true. Without the talent, dedication, and passion for success that our team displays in every project, we would not be where we are today. We grow our talent pool internally.

To join us, candidates have to demonstrate that their values are aligned with ours, and those of our clients. Once part of our team, they are closely mentored and nurtured by our senior team while they gain experience and grow their skills. Working as part of a team on projects, they gain a 3D understanding of what it takes to deliver successfully. This approach ensures that organizations will always be working with senior experts with the depth and range of knowledge that they expect.

Hazem Shaheen


Throughout his career which exceeded the twenty-five-year mark, Hazem focused on raising the standards within the industry; availing services to public, private, and non-profit sectors, which have been making recognisable impact on national, sectoral, and corporate levels. Hazem led several initiatives in the fields of Strategy, Organisation, and Governance.

Maher Jamal


Maher is regarded as a guru in Human Resource disciplines amongst regional industry leaders. He brings in 20 years of regional consulting experience, serving a broad range of regional clients. In addition to leading mega HR projects, he also engages in Organisation, Investment Planning, and Transformation projects.

Ahmad Hasweh


Relying on his 15 years of experience, Ahmad specialises in leading Strategy projects and uses his expertise to guide clients where they need to be. He has built and delivered a diverse portfolio of niche services in areas of Transformation, Business Continuity, and Sustainability.

Abdullah Al Qasem


From handling up-skilling training programs to facilitating HR solutions and providing learning and development programs, Abdullah supports all HR related projects and provides HR advisory services to the Saudi Government and Private sectors alike.

Yasmeen Attieh


Leading and assisting in mega HR and Organisation projects around the region, Yasmeen has been an element of the growth journey of BI Consulting all along. Internally, Yasmeen has unlocked the firm’s potential by constantly influencing internal development, developing talent, and building corporate capabilities.

Yara Haddad


Yara is one of the building blocks of the firm. Yara has a growing network of professionals and experts in the region who trust her as an advisor and expert as she has been directing vital HR and Organisation projects. She has been serving regional conglomerates for 10 years now.

Asma Masoud


Asma has been diligent in transforming family businesses to ones with truly practiced governance protocols. She is a trusted advisor in corporate and family governance, and has been leading our related projects around the region. Asma is also adept in delivering Organisation and Transformation projects.

Omar Tamimi

Senior Manager

Leading major Transformation projects for regional public and private organisations, Omar has become a trusted consultant for people he has been advising. Omar is spearheading our transformational and digitally enabled services.

Salah Al-Barakati

Senior Consultant

Bringing more than fifteen years of experience, Salah plays a major role in directing our consulting HR services, leading projects related to institutional design, development of various HR services, and directing HR transformation initiatives.

Our Values

From the very first days, BI consulting has been a value-led organisation. Every member of our team is expected to live these values when dealing with colleagues, clients, or other stakeholders.

Our Values


This is fundamental. We do not accept second-best and neither do our clients. Before we propose any solution to a client, it will be tested to ensure it meets our standards, and therefore their needs. Excellence extends to all aspects of how we conduct ourselves, inside and outside our organisation.

Honesty and Integrity

We are committed to telling the truth. That is the basis on which we have built our reputation. We will give an objective and realistic picture of the situation, and propose realistic solutions. That is our key foundation for moving forward towards success.

Practical Solutions

Solutions that sound great in theory, but are unrealistic in practice are not what organisations need. Organisations need plans that can be rolled out, and more importantly, will gain the buy in of all concerned stakeholders. That is why we work so closely with our clients at each step to offer the most practical solution for their organisation.

Knowledge Sharing

When we deliver a project, we aim to ensure that our clients understand the rationale behind it and are able to implement it successfully when we leave. That is why we focus on making sustainable change through partnering with the project owner and other stakeholders to ensure they benefit from our specialised expertise and can gain the most value from the solution.


Our stewardship drives us to take the extra mile and provide guidance, support and guardianship to organisations to ensure that our service advocates, serves and delivers sustainable performance. We also take the stewardship of our own people seriously, guiding them in their careers and helping them develop their talents to be the best they can be.

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