Business continuity and risk management are crucial elements of business success as they enable the planned continuation of operations upon the occurrence of a disruptive event. However, the value of such goes way beyond that, for a company that builds solid culture and practices of business continuity and risk management develops confidence among all stakeholders; an enormous benefit that impacts every aspect of the organization. In this current era where everybody is operating in a complex global environment, and disruptive events are becoming the norm, adopting and implementing business continuity and risk management within the organisation is inevitable. Incorporating business resilience into the long-term planning of the organisation is the new mandate for leaders.

Our business continuity and risk management services focus on preserving company brand value, image and reputation and assists in mitigating disruptive events that invite technological, operational, stakeholder and financial risks.

We cultivate a resilient, prepared organisational culture, complying with regulatory, contractual and legal requirements. Our team of experts provides the necessary strategies and plans, and designs procedures and guidelines for organisations to follow in the face of disruptive events.

Our approach achieves so through gap and risk assessment, business impact analysis (BIA), recovery time objectives (RTOs), incident response and business continuity plans, crisis and emergency communication plans and finally plan testing, maintenance, and continuous improvement. We plan for restoring business operations in a manner consistent with business and customer needs before, during and after disruptive events. And to ensure smooth implementation, we engage heavily in ensuring understanding of the continuity and risk, as well as the preparedness of the business across the different operational and support functions.

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