Effective organisational design is one that achieves an ecosystem where people can work through together to achieve common goals. Organisations need to ensure their structure and culture are redesigned to keep up with the pace of change by implementing the optimal fit between the strategic choices and organisational setting. But as the corporate world is transforming, with shifts in the work environment, technology use, and people needs and behaviours; organisational design is becoming more complex with no one right way of doing it.

At BI Consulting, we go beyond boxes and lines. Our organisational design solutions help organisations manage complexity, distress, and global scale to ensure sustained performance. We address the need for evolving operating models, organisational hierarchy, delegation of authority, and organisational culture.

We help in constructing operating models that seek to unlock organizational potential. Using a rigorous approach, we link structure and culture to strategies, to ensure the design caters for strategic priorities and critical operations of each unit, region, product, and service. We help organisations answer critical questions related to intra-organisational relationships, parenting structures, as well as balancing between autonomy, control, and cooperation. We focus on attaining sustained value by identifying the explicit, value-adding operations and members.

Effective organisation design also aims at eliminating complexity that leads to unnecessary cost and organisational friction. Using our structuring and restructuring models, we help identify issues within the organisation such as a lack of role clarity, poor intra-organisational relationships that could hinder productivity, lack of effective job function distribution, and then find the solutions to resolve them.

Our expertise also assists in designing delegation of authority frameworks that create decision-making pathways and identify accountabilities for organisational processes. This allows organisations to achieve large scale cross-functional collaboration and solve complex decision-making processes.

We can precede design solutions with corporate maturity assessment that evaluates the corporate performance with the aim of creating a plan for organisation-wide improvement. Our integrated team of specialists supports organisations by identifying, evaluating, and implementing opportunities to restore stability and confidence using corporate maturity assessment tools that allow organisations to benchmark their performance against globally acclaimed best practices.

We aim higher than achieving stability in the entity. Our progressive and determined approach allows us to help in achieving organisational excellence using a detailed analysis to measure and improve business performance. Our specialists are certified to practice and implement solutions using the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model. We help organisations reach their full organisational excellence by setting meticulous transformational plans that guide towards sustained improvement in performance.

This is also complemented by our organisational culture services, for a culture that does not support change, development, and growth would certainly obstruct plans for improvement. We ensure that the work environment enables people to contribute and collaborate at their full potential. Using our culture management tools and strategies we ensure an organisation can reach the desired culture that adapts to change, correlates with performance, and drives a competitive advantage.


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