Your Journey with BI

Your Journey with BI

We make real difference. You can too.

We look for the right talent to join our team, unlock their potential and make them an integral part of our success story, and those of our clients. We attract, recruit, and retain the people we believe in. People with the right attitude, the right skills, and relentless eagerness to learn. We invest in our people, and offer career paths that few organizations offer. As a learning-focused firm, we leverage our people’s strengths and expose them to endless opportunities of career growth; making our firm a place where people can truly thrive.

Working side by side and offering true mentorship, we guide our young professionals and aid them in shaping their skills, knowledge, and expertise. We take pride in our people. We thereby make sure they work with professionals around the world, exposing them to global experiences, but also to challenging issues that our corporate world is facing today. We lean on our values in everything we do. Our values define our relationships with our people, our clients, and every individual that crosses our path. We bring aboard people who share those values.

  • Culture

    A solid culture that has been engrained since day one, where everyone feels important, empowered, and part of the family. Our shared set of values is what defines our culture and fosters a healthy work environment where people thrive.

  • Career Growth

    A career path constructed and planned to have no limits and no timelines. We encourage our people to push their abilities and explore where their full potential lies.

  • Networking Relationships

    Our people get exposed to leading CEOs and C-suite executives from top regional conglomerates, and get to collaborate with global thought-leaders and gurus across various fields.

  • Learning & Development

    Learning is the number one pillar at BI. Continuous development is a close second. We ensure that our people acquire the adequate sector, technological, and functional knowledge and then we work on continuously developing and stretching it.

  • Leadership

    BI is a place where leaders excel. We believe in young leaders, and we equip them with what they need to redefine their limits and exercise roles that go beyond their career age.

  • Regional Opportunities

    Our people are exposed to regional opportunities where our young talents contribute to complex projects. Our talents are presented with opportunities to engage in projects within different domains, sectors, and countries at every stage of their career.

  • Exposure to top talent

    Our talents will be offered the chance to work on diverse projects with different experts as part of an extensive network of knowledge sharing. We ensure immediate exposure to different competence and multidimensional schools of thought and service disciplines.

  • Supportive Atmosphere

    At BI, we are not just a group of employees, our core is our culture, our team is our family and every voice among us is heard. More than anything else we care about the belongingness of every member, the communication among the team, and the collaboration that supports facing today’s global complexities.


Aim higher with your internship, take off your career plan with an experience at BI consulting where real world issues are tackled, and insights on various industries, sectors, and economies are experienced. An internship at BI Consulting is where you can put your talents and skills to work.

We look for exceptional people that are keen on venturing into the world of professional services and an unparalleled exposure to regional leaders. It is a chance for you to discover your capabilities, unlock your potential, and test your passion. And who knows. You might end up being part of the family of BI Consulting.

Our Stories

"The decision to extend my internship, 10 years ago, was the best decision of my life."

Yara Haddad


Many events in my life led to my current position at BI Consulting. One of them was the decision to transfer my major. I had wanted to study accounting. After being told how becoming an engineer can build my critical thinking, make me see beyond face value, and transform the way I see things I transferred my major to industrial engineering.
After graduating, I joined BI Consulting and found that my true passion was becoming a consultant. I started out as an intern, and I now am a Director with completely different set of skills, perception of work, and attitude towards life.
The supportive environment is indicative here, I recognised the culture built on values with every interaction I had. I shared the same set of values, and my perfectionist nature matched the level of excellence the firm seeks. I decided that this was where I belonged.
I learned over the years how to handle clients through effective communication, manage complex projects, and exceed client expectations, which I pass on to my team and ensure they have what it takes to execute mega projects the BI way. Every project I delivered has contributed to my personal and professional growth, cultivated my leader’s mindset, and made me a stronger, more confident woman, one that takes and manages risks. I take pride in being part of the company’s growth and my teammates’ development journey, which also made me part of the company’s building blocks.
When I am not working, I am a caring mother that puts the same attention to detail in raising my son. I love baking, decorating cake, and preparing themed family events and parties.

"I decided I needed to match my personal and work interests and build a career path based on my aspirations. That is why I decided to pursue a career in management consultancy and what led me to working with BI."

Sanad Zaabalawi


I wanted to start my career somewhere that had promising learning and development opportunities. My brother had actually worked with BI for years and encouraged me to apply. The opportunities to work on diverse projects in different industries and functional specialties to support my growth was just something I can’t get elsewhere.
One of the first encounters was an event during my first project where I met a prominent leader in Saudi Arabia who was also a board member for the organisation. During that project, I had the chance to work with pioneers in the industry, working on an excellence model for a governmental organisation that provides care to orphans in KSA. It involved making a purposeful impact, expanding my network, regional traveling, and exposure to real world challenges.
How the young talents at BI are able to make their footprints on major projects made me realise that BI stands out from other consulting firms. I had started as an Associate, responsible for conducting research, assisting in creating deliverables and helping in any other way needed. In a short period of time, I was promoted to a Consultant, and I now earned the chance to lead projects, manage my own team and make direct impact at a regional organisation.
One of my main accomplishments at BI is creating a digitally enabled dashboard using advanced technologies. This dashboard helped the organisation monitor and control all processes related to HR and thereby aided in decision making processes and overall corporate performance.
I am a huge Autosport fan, specifically Formula 1. I consider myself an athlete that plays sports almost every day. I enjoy causal barbeques and hangouts with my friends and family as well.

"I was instantly surprised with the level of responsibilities and significant role I would be handling at my entry level."

Sheera Tabalat


BI had contacted me along with a major bank in Jordan. I researched more on what a consulting career entails. After that, I decided to take the leap, reject the offer from the bank, and commence my career at BI.
I started working on projects with prominent organisations right away. From handling small tasks in major projects, my role gradually evolved to handling key responsibilities, until I was granted the opportunity to lead a major project myself.
I was assigned as a project manager on one of the most purposeful projects that we have ever worked on. Helping a governmental entity formulate a strategy that protects the rights of the disabled and facilitates life for them. This experience was life changing since I got to lead a project that made real impact for the disabled community in KSA. I was also provided with the opportunity to develop my project management skills.
The projects and the promising career are among the main reasons I chose BI. Working with an ethical team was a compelling determinant of my decision. The level of hard work and contribution that is provided from every team member and the sense of collaboration makes our environment a motivating one.
The trust I have been granted has boosted my confidence in many ways. I was recognised as a social character and was recruited as a member of the social committee to hold uplifting events and annual activities for our team.
I enjoy doing part-time tutoring. I love hiking on weekends and keeping active during the week with Badminton and Pilates.

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