In strategic planning, providing practical initiatives on both strategic and operational levels is a critical link between the executive vision and its realisation on ground. However, organisations with adept strategic plans often struggle with the implementation of mission-critical initiatives, which limits the impact of those plans on the organisation and its future. Several reasons can lead to that, and the avoidance of a disruptive impact on the organisation’s structural and cultural dynamic is one that can be seen frequently. Strategy transformation offices are therefore established to assist in achieving the desired goals, while maintaining operational workflows, and prioritizing the needs of the organisation.

An STO brings about a new culture of delivery that enables organisations to achieve results at a different pace and rhythm, with minimized hindrances and resistance.

We provide strategy transformation office as one of our main strategic services. We become part of the client’s family and we work together to ensure that we can effectively implement the strategy. This involves creating a detailed plan of the implementation process and the actions to be taken to complete the transformation. We provide our clients with a team that adopts a customised, integrated, and coherent methodology and ensure harmony between the various initiatives. We begin by paving the way and building the infrastructure, we then launch and manage the implementation journey, and finally hand over while securing the sustainability of the implementation. Our experts develop policies, procedures, tools, mechanisms, and models related to stakeholder, change management and communication, quality, risk, resource, and implementation schedule management. Our STO services offer a well-rounded solution, which has a proven impact on organisations and people we serve.

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