Transformation management drives the complex initiatives to achieve the required change, unlocking organisational potential, delivering sustainable results, maintaining agility and responsiveness to a competitive corporate environment. Our transformation integrated approach brings a different rhythm to planning with a key goal of turning a vision into execution. We do so by forming a deep partnership with organisations and enabling them to imagine, deliver, execute and realize the impact of real value. Our transformation addresses every area of change to achieve the most comprehensive solutions using proprietary tools and technologies. We ensure that our transformation has propelled the organisation forward at a new speed, reformed the metabolic rate of change and instilled a new culture of delivery.

Our Board escort and governance support is based on value-driven management and control. We provide full transparency on the transformation’s progress with the core focus of completing the desired changes while achieving mind-set shifts. We distill the plan initiatives to ensure that they are aligned with high-standard operations of the organisation, to achieve organisational improvements and capability-building activities. Our approach is underpinned with real, sustained change that also focuses on maintaining good relation among stakeholders involved, effective cooperation among board and committee members, communication and implementation plans, transparency as well as constant early reporting.

People transformation can be critical due to the common mistake of not involving the acceptance of frontline employees and managers. To bring about a successful people transformation we aim at acknowledging the strengths of the employees, pinpointing capabilities and identifying gaps to tailor our communication, implementation and knowledge transfer plan around each employee’s contribution. Our approach involves both technology and transformational elements to achieve a more agile, robust and implementable people management model that enables organizations to achieve long-term sustainable change.

Our knowledge transfer contributes constant improvements, we handover the project, hold workshops and training programs to ensure that work proceeds in the required manner.

Strategy transformation office (STO) implements the required strategic initiatives to bring about the needed transformation while maintaining operational workflows. Strategy transformation office shifts the focus of surviving in a restrictive regulatory and uninspiring growth environment, to mandating a transformation that adopts organisational strategic needs including customer agenda, organisational objectives, cutting costs and digitalisation. Our STO approach focuses on ensuring a successful transformation delivery with the objective to drive alignment among organisational strategic initiatives, workflow and goals.

Change Management Office (CMO) ensures the delivery of effective change initiatives to achieve organisation-wide change. Change management office assesses the organisational readiness to change and accordingly identifies what changes to commit to. The plan is thereby aligned with the organisational strategic direction and transformation agenda and is driven towards consistent delivery of efficiency. Our change management office begins with building a specialised office to become part of the organisation and ends with the achievement of the required changes that will lead to sustainable impact.

Our transformation services consider every aspect of organisational challenges of the modern world. CSR and sustainability practices are one among the many challenges facing private and public sector organisations with the focus of harmonising organisational activities with the environment and the society around them. In response, our CSR and sustainability transformation focuses on creating a plan that helps organisations in transforming their workflow, business operations and future plans with maximising long-term economic, social and environmental value. We create a transformation office that guides organisations in implementing the plan step by step until adequate delivery and transformation has been achieved.


Accelerated Sustainability Transformation

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