Whether its strategy, governance, people or organisational design; change management office (CMO), enables, implements and achieves the transformation required. CMO provides oversight of all change initiatives planned and ensures each is delivered effectively by adopting an integrated and coherent methodology for the implementation of the project phases. CMO with a focal point on the harmony between the various parts and stages of the project; achieves the desired development goals, complies with the requirements and emulates the best modern practices in the field. Supporting the delivery of change, CMO also aims at achieving continuous development via the transfer of knowledge from those who applied the change to those responsible for sustaining it.

We build and institutionalise a specialised office within the organisation we work with, we become part of their system, and part of the organisational body to support and empower the implementation of the change system.

We set the base by creating the charter, the policies and procedures and the governance for the decision making. Through careful selection, we create the most adequate team with members of BI and of the organisation itself. Our key role is to ensure that the change is implemented to reach the desired results, while reporting every aspect of the change, observing the possible drawbacks, finding solutions to resolve them, preventing any obstacles that come our way and redesigning when needed. This ensures the continuity and integration of efforts, and maintains a comprehensive view of the conduct of all operations in a way that serves the organisation’s best interests at both the short and long-term. We provide a solid base of knowledge and internal competence through training, holding workshops, mentoring, continuous support and knowledge transfer activities to ensure the sustainability of the level of outstanding performance in the future.

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