The strategic focus on efficiency has been gaining more ground in the recent times. Having an efficient workforce coupled with effective people practices is a tremendous enabler of organizational efficiency. And excellence.

Workforce assessment and planning allows organisations to align their head count, skill requirements, and talent planning with the strategic direction and needs. This empowers organisations to sustain a competitive edge and is a key element in determining target talent management interventions to ensure that an organization has the right people, with the right set of skills in the right positions, and at the right time.

Our workforce assessment begins with understanding key corporate goals set by business leaders and translating them into people requirements. We then conduct current talent situation analysis using the right metrics to evaluate the workforce job requirements and study all relevant demand-influencing factors such as strategic direction, technology, policies, regulations, or consumer base. And building on the gaps between workforce demand and supply we define priorities and help plan for the future. This involves defining job description of every position, the number of staff needed to deliver each service, and career hierarchy for staff progression. We complement that by assisting in the implementation process by applying the appropriate workforce activities to close identified workforce gaps and lay the ground for realizing the potential brought in with people.

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