The current global operating environment is too unpredictable to rely on previously built organizational models and organizational structures. Designing the optimal framework to unlock structural flexibility, reduce costs, drive growth, strengthen short and long-term organisational health, increase innovation, and allow rapid expansions is the vehicle to a sustainable future. While designing this optimal framework, organisations must cater for industry norms and internal development to regain control, and limit exposure to risks. Parallel to that, organisations need to become more adaptable to unlock the power of agile and networked teams.

Powered by analytical solutions, our team assists in organisational structuring and restructuring.

Our services provide the ideal framework needed to enhance the business performance, enable flexibility, and increase productivity.

We identify the boundaries that separate the roles and responsibilities of different jobs, define the scope of each, and identify the inter-and-intra-departmental relationships. We spot and analyse specific structuring issues and improvement opportunities, while creating a more engaging experience for better alignment, focus, and speed of action. Relying on specialised skills, sophisticated tools, and in-depth experience in a variety of areas we help organisations adapt to changes through facilitating for business model changes and maximising utilisation of organisational units and teams.

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Delegation of Authority

A proper decision-making process is assumed to increase accuracy and avoid delaying decisions onset. However, finding the adequate balance of control, autonomy, and agility is a rather complex task. Particularly in this unfamiliar business environment. Having a proper delegation of authority framework involves defining the responsibilities and the linkages between...

People Analytics

The power of data analysis is changing the way organisations conduct their people related decisions. Data-led insights is turning into a key element of people management and development, workforce planning and rightsizing, talent performance and rewards management, as well as talent acquisition and retention. Using people analytics, organisations can make...

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