Corporate maturity assessment is a crucial step that helps organisations identify their baseline and outline the plan that can capture, maintain, use, and share data of corporate maturity. This process aims at benchmarking an organisation’s business processes to industry’s optimal practices which allows the design of the optimal plan needed to improve the corporate performance. A corporate maturity model assists in measuring the organisation’s organisational performance by assessing the climate, structure, and level of institutionalisation of practices. The framework considers organisational processes, capabilities, and governance required for ensuring effective business conduct. The maturity level and the planning that comes out of it is becoming an imminent practice for any organisation to facilitate responding to change in a planned and repeatable manner and to enhance the overall performance.

Our corporate maturity assessment model benchmarks an organisations maturity level against companies in the same sector, and within the same size and the scope of work – locally, regionally, and globally.

We use our own database for the benchmark that has its own classification collated through years of experience and a global network of experts. Our model is comprehensive and allows us to outline corrective actions that need to be proactively implemented. Thus, we  provide tailored and practical plans that build trust amongst all stakeholders by using a common language and creating frameworks for prioritised actions that will develop the maturity level.

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