Organisational excellence is the desire of every organisation. It was never easy to achieve this state, and now it is becoming harder. Organisational excellence is dependent upon gaining sufficient commitment to embrace and apply positive change across the organization. It aims at systemically ensuring that all elements of the organisation work together to achieve the desired performance across all dimensions.

All functions must work simultaneously towards achieving the desired goals, heightening employee engagement and competency, supporting communities, and acting responsibly towards a sustainable future. This creates a framework for organisations in their constant endeavour towards continuous development and excelling on all facets of the triple bottom line.

Our organisational excellence approach supports organisations by forming a comprehensive understanding of the crucial internal factors influencing the organisational performance or limiting organisational ability to reach its full potential. We conduct a systematic evaluation using the fundamentals and criteria of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model. We complement that by evaluating all governance aspects and assessing the relationship between the organisation and its stakeholders. We provide the roadmap for all the development efforts, prioritized from the perspective of institutional excellence fundamentals, benchmarking, and the team’s experience. Our specialised team designs an integrated methodology that combines best practices stemming from the EFQM with our own methodology in institutional maturity assessment to ensure comprehensive coverage and harmony between global and local practices.

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Business Modelling

Business modelling plays a vital role in conducting smart business decisions using a resilient framework that translates ideas and concepts into business-fundamental context, and then tests them. Business modelling provides a systematic procedure to define the means that generate profitability while creating value for the consumers. This is all while...

Organizational Culture

Coherence across an organisation’s culture, strategy and operating model can shift business towards sustained performance, enhanced working environment, and goal achievements. Deeply embedded cultural morals are crucial to attracting, retaining, motivating, and shaping a workforce that aids, rather than obstructs organisational progress. Designing an intentional culture that cannot be replicated...

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