Business landscape can be regarded in many cases as unstable. The people dimension of the business is not an exception as high turnover rates and lack of skilled retained workforce is creating additional challenges for organisations. But a growing capable workforce is a growing business. Thus, remaining relevant and progressing in an ever-changing ecosystem requires planning and investing in people. And a clearly set career ladder, path, and transition plan will be key for the workforce to progress, and the organization to remain viable and excel.

BI has focused on creating a positive force for various organisations and professionals through designing and building successful career paths and ladders that have become a roadmap for individual and corporate growth.

We design career progression strategies for employees that help clients retain an upskilled professional workforce that can engage in cutting edge technology and provide innovative solutions.  And we simultaneously provide employees with learning and development paths.

Our professionals do so by building career ladders for all positions within the organisation while at the same time working on matching them with the needed skills, and training and learning programs. Our implementation process is also offered to create a well-designed job architecture and establish a career framework in support of adopting a well-integrated talent platform that encourages progression and transformation.

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