Operational modelling allows organisations to reach their optimal business architecture for successful strategy actualisation. It aligns the behaviours, workflow, process design as well as human capital and technology with strategic aspirations and operational best practices. A framework needs to be set in place that balances all the elements according to the size, scope, and goals of the organisation; and sets the base for organisational structuring and other organisational design components.

Operational modelling aims at eliminating the inconsistency between organisational objectives and the day-to-day activities of employees. In fact, any misalignment will thereby impact corporate performance, and eventually create an insurmountable gap between strategy and execution.

Our operational modelling is delivered to avoid this gap. Our team builds a strategically tailored, fit for purpose operating model that kicks off at the goals of the organisation. Our operating model analyses the organisation’s resources, capabilities, processes, service relations and beneficiaries as part of a thorough situational assessment. This is followed by identifying the most suitable framework to govern the delivery of the value proposition, building the company’s differentiating capabilities, executing its operational priorities, and facilitating for a culture that fosters accountability.

We build a practical, cross functional model that serves as the vital link between the developed strategic plan and the detailed organisational design, and we scale and sustain effective impact that delivers the next generation mode of operations.

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