After building our extensive background in senior executive and consulting roles, we grasped upon the need for a top-flight regional management consultancy. It was clear that organisations with ambitions to distinguish themselves needed support in transforming their business. They needed experts with exceptional business acumen who also have a profound knowledge of the local and regional business context. That is why, in 2006, we launched BI Consulting.


After our company launch in 2006, we spent months refining our vision and planning our approach. We put all our efforts in designing, testing concepts, refining, and improving our offering. Only when we were satisfied that we could offer something truly world-class, we were ready to go.


This attention to detail paid off. By 2008, we had entered the Saudi market and took on a major project with one of the most prominent publicly listed organisations. We also successfully completed two mega projects with a high profile government entity in Jordan and entered the Qatari market.


Building the business model and organisational structure for a regional conglomerate, developing national strategies working side by side with the highest governmental authorities, entrusted by one of the most important family-owned businesses in the region to transform their business model; were just some of the accomplishments that we achieved during our first four years. We also expanded our geographical reach and entered the Libyan market.


As our reputation grew, so did our capabilities and capacity. We had built a team with over 30 full time employees transforming the careers of young talents and building our pivotal learning program. We also entered the UAE market.


Within our first 8 years, we had completed more than 60 major projects. We continued to grow in terms of size, team of experts, and the number of projects we deliver.


After 10 years of our launch, we entered the Saudi public sector. We were entrusted by governmental bodies and state-owned enterprise and managed to lead mega projects that elevated our capabilities and heightened the way we do business.


We took a major commitment towards sustainability. We introduced business continuity, CSR, and sustainability services to increase awareness on the importance of sustainability for organisational growth and development.


We now work with clients across 7 countries. We have continued to create more fruitful partnerships, developing, and deepening close working relationships – which in many cases have blossomed into long-term alliances, throughout the region. Our sense of pride in who we are as consultants has always been based on making real impact. Although we are now recognised as one of the region’s leading providers of management and strategic business solutions, we do not rest on our laurels. An extensive number of organisations trust us to address their specific needs and help them succeed – and we take that responsibility seriously.

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