Pay & rewards programs are a key element of acquiring and retaining talent, which is an attribute that did not change with the shifts in labour market dynamics and complexities. Pay & rewards will always impact the process of recruitment, retention, and brand image. However, understanding the impact of these forces on the competitiveness of the organisation is becoming increasingly difficult.

BI helps companies face these challenges by implementing an integrated framework that meets unique business needs and unlocks organisational capability. We create pay & rewards programs to ensure organisations can acquire, retain, and motivate talent, align rewards with performance, maintain a fair culture, and accordingly maximize the core corporate competitive advantage.

Our professionals use robust methodologies to design the most adequate pay & rewards programs that align with the organisation’s culture and beliefs. We use data-led insights from the organisation’s overall environment to help organizations compare reward structures across benchmark organisations and assess the competitiveness of the existing reward structure against labour market peers. We design fully customized grading structure and salary scales which are complemented with incentive schemes that are adapted to the competency model and career hierarchy. Our approach tracks long-term reward vehicles, and monitors changes in the external environment and governmental regulations to ensure organisations adapt their pay & reward structures with regulatory requirements, and what works for the organization and its people.

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Career Progression and Transition

Business landscape can be regarded in many cases as unstable. The people dimension of the business is not an exception as high turnover rates and lack of skilled retained workforce is creating additional challenges for organisations. But a growing capable workforce is a growing business. Thus, remaining relevant and progressing...

Talent Development

While early predictions forecasted digitalization will tie talent development needs to certain jobs, time has proven this to be rather inaccurate. Talent development is and will always be needed for all positions and roles, for it assists in achieving the maximum potential of the people and aligns their performance goals...

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