Attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) is a key factor and a priority to governments in the region, with economies that have the potential to leverage their strategic location, market size, investment competitiveness and workforce. Investment promotion strategies identify important categories of key constituencies, sectors and resources. After thorough analysis, investment promotion strategies outline how much FDI, of what type, in what sector, and in what location needs to be attracted within a certain time period.

Investment promotion strategies’ objectives are aligned with the national development goals and aspirations and recognise the importance of sustainable improvements and achieving positive returns of value even in difficult economic downturns.

We help governments on a national, federal and sectoral level institute and formulate investment promotion strategies that recognise the national development objectives; determine the sectors with the greatest promotional potential; distinguishes markets and designs lead generation strategies. We help in outlining themes to support outreach functions, sector specific research and investor information systems, among others, all to identify promotional opportunities. This extends to the design of the institutional framework that best governs the investment attraction and management efforts. While barriers of investment attraction and issues hindering ease of doing business are easily identified, it is the meticulous planning that the governments need today to plan for a sustainable economic future.

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Investment Mapping

Investment mapping converts aspirations into means. Or simply, it is the tool that helps attract the needed quality investments to the priority sectors to achieve national goals. Through identifying and promoting viable investment ideas, investment mapping aids in creating a pipeline of viable investments to create jobs, develop communities, catalyse...

Feasibility Studies

Using a systematic study, feasibility determines whether a project is worth the investment and efforts or not. The ultimate outcome of a feasibility study can be an informed decision to proceed or to preclude it. Feasibility studies assist in devising and comparing financial plans and delivery approaches for projects that...

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