Having the adequate implementation of governance policies and guidelines is no longer a luxury. No matter how big or small an organisation is. In fact, abiding by updated and conforming governance regulations is becoming a legal requirement in many jurisdictions. Thus, governance compliance is becoming an imminent need. It is primal for organisations to assess their governance system and practices and evaluate the adequacy of their implementation. Moreover, governance assessment and compliance frameworks are essential to ensure the continued applicability of adopted systems to the organisation and the business environment, especially during periods of significant change and instability. Eventually, such activities support organisations in analysing, reviewing, and improving their corporate governance framework and relevant business practices.

Governance assessment and compliance services of BI Consulting help tackle the broad issues of effective corporate governance conformity, while offering specialised assistance and advise in all governance areas. We assist organisations identify, monitor, exploit, remediate and manage their governance after assessing the validity and utilisation of governance guidelines. Our solutions combine real-time monitoring, reporting, and analysis to help organisations comply with regulations and prepare for unexpected events. A structured approach tailored to the specific operations of the organisation is followed by our team to provide program design maturity assessment, control testing, as well as compliance monitoring, assessment, and reporting.

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Board Escort and Governance Support

Board escort and governance support achieves the direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of a governance plan and its implementation. Governance support tackles the challenging issues and the complexity of the situation with a key focus on the execution, and the development required to attain sustainable performance improvement. It supports the...

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance systems are an essential element for an organisation’s sustainability and continuity. Having an efficient corporate governance on board will facilitate effective, impartial, and practical management that can direct long-term success by having the organisational entities and associated rules and regulations that, together, act as a guardian to the...

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