A proper decision-making process is assumed to increase accuracy and avoid delaying decisions onset. However, finding the adequate balance of control, autonomy, and agility is a rather complex task. Particularly in this unfamiliar business environment. Having a proper delegation of authority framework involves defining the responsibilities and the linkages between the decisions and members, and delineating methods of escalating and reporting significant matters to the appropriate authority member.

We help organisations articulate the knowledge required to effectively delegate responsibilities and enable the workforce to take actions and be responsible for honouring their commitments.

This process involves conducting a situational analysis and utilising the obtained information to understand activities that occur at various levels and accordingly build an effective decision-making process that matches the organisation’s hierarchy, culture, operations, and procedures.

We ensure that our decision-making process implements a flow that maintains accuracy and adequate control, while allowing teams to execute plans efficiently. Through our delegation of authority services, we facilitate for carrying out oversight across the organisation in areas such as business, risk, and strategy; finance; HR; operations; and regulatory compliance.

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