Coherence across an organisation’s culture, strategy and operating model can shift business towards sustained performance, enhanced working environment, and goal achievements. Deeply embedded cultural morals are crucial to attracting, retaining, motivating, and shaping a workforce that aids, rather than obstructs organisational progress. Designing an intentional culture that cannot be replicated provides organisations with enriched business value and a much-needed corporate solidarity. This helps organisations build on a foundation of positive work experiences that will ultimately encourage the kind of behaviours, values, norms, and rituals that can shape an organisation’s desired culture.

We help organisations initiate, accelerate, and sustain beneficial change through an intentional culture that is managed by design.

Our culture specialists support organisations in their culture transformation efforts, by targeting the required behavioural changes. Our team has created and successfully implemented an assessment tool that considers a combination of factors based on internationally acclaimed models. Our expertise allows us to find the elements that shape the current culture and determine how far an organisation is from the desired destination. This helps in identifying the key gaps and the factors that will contribute to the development of tech-centric values, collegial climate, and achieving the highest level of coherence between strategy and culture. We focus on harnessing the power of organisational culture by comparing expectations to experience, meeting individual and organisational needs, maximising effectiveness, and leveraging the leadership. This is followed with detailed and practical implementation plan and road map to shift the organisational culture from the current to the desired one.

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Corporate Maturity Assessment

Corporate maturity assessment is a crucial step that helps organisations identify their baseline and outline the plan that can capture, maintain, use, and share data of corporate maturity. This process aims at benchmarking an organisation’s business processes to industry’s optimal practices which allows the design of the optimal plan needed...

Pay and Rewards

Pay & rewards programs are a key element of acquiring and retaining talent, which is an attribute that did not change with the shifts in labour market dynamics and complexities. Pay & rewards will always impact the process of recruitment, retention, and brand image. However, understanding the impact of these...

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