Corporate governance systems are an essential element for an organisation’s sustainability and continuity. Having an efficient corporate governance on board will facilitate effective, impartial, and practical management that can direct long-term success by having the organisational entities and associated rules and regulations that, together, act as a guardian to the organisation. While corporate governance has been associated with larger organisations in the past, it is becoming more appealing to all. A properly set system offers the means to direct and control the organisation and provides the ability to respond properly to external challenges, enhances the confidence of the external stakeholders, and is a key factor for critical decisions.

Our corporate governance approach has been designed based on years of expertise in creating extensive methodological frameworks for organisations across the region.

Our service begins with comprehensive diagnostics of current corporate governance practices, determining needed improvements, and planning for the implementation. We work to build a charter, governance structure, board and committees related policies and procedures, as well as meeting protocols. We regulate relationships between stakeholders, and design procedures to prevent conflict of interest between the organisation and its stakeholders. We contribute to improving transparency and accountability within existing systems and focus on providing guidance, thought leadership, and delivering a sustainable system that can be applicable for future generations. Our methodologies are constantly updated and adapted to the ecosystem, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements.

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Family Business Governance

While each family has different dynamics, structures, and relationships; designing and adopting a family governance system is the only way forward. It will enable business survival, growth, development, success, and stable transition across generations. A good family governance practice involves determining family engagement responsibility, sustainability strategies, and ensuring the effective...

Governance Assessment and Compliance

Having the adequate implementation of governance policies and guidelines is no longer a luxury. No matter how big or small an organisation is. In fact, abiding by updated and conforming governance regulations is becoming a legal requirement in many jurisdictions. Thus, governance compliance is becoming an imminent need. It is...

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