Board escort and governance support achieves the direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of a governance plan and its implementation. Governance support tackles the challenging issues and the complexity of the situation with a key focus on the execution, and the development required to attain sustainable performance improvement. It supports the transformation by addressing all aspects of an effective governance system that drives action and accelerates impact. Board escort involves assisting board members in implementing the transformation process, using an agile model solution to ensure early momentum and realistic plans.

Through customised programs, we orient board members towards achieving the transformation, delivering results that are objectively measurable.

We help organisations through a proprietary and tailored execution assessment based on a fact-based analysis. We then supervise, guide and steer through the developed road-mapping process to develop the pre-set initiatives. Our approach has one core focus, effectively implementing the governance plan in place.

This also involves escorting board members in committee meetings to assess the workflow, decision making processes and the implementation of policies and procedures to measure and ensure the compliance between the implemented system with organisational operations. We also provide board, committee, peer and self-assessment services to evaluate governance performance.

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