High-performing boards are capable, engaged, and strategically focused to deliver practical and impartial governance processes on all aspects of organisational management. Board members must be able to navigate the challenges and opportunities that a business may encounter and must conduct crucial decisions to ensure sustainability and business continuity. This can be achieved with the support of robust governance frameworks and being cognisant of their collective and individual responsibilities.

We provide organisations with board evaluation, and board induction and orientation, particularly on directors’ fiduciary duties and senior management responsibilities to ensure the senior leadership is doing their intended role.

In delivering board advisory services, our team becomes part of the board to provide subject matter expertise on practical governance practices. Our experts undertake board and committees’ evaluations that help in identifying areas of strengths and areas for development in their conduct. The evaluation process delves into operational flow, skills, behaviours, meetings efficiency, reporting procedures, board composition and stakeholder involvement within the governance boundaries. Our experts assist with the development of board supporting tools that underpin a robust governance framework and practices that only work towards the interest of all stakeholders and the triple bottom-line of the organization.

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Corporate Governance

Corporate governance systems are an essential element for an organisation’s sustainability and continuity. Having an efficient corporate governance on board will facilitate effective, impartial, and practical management that can direct long-term success by having the organisational entities and associated rules and regulations that, together, act as a guardian to the...

Governance Assessment and Compliance

Having the adequate implementation of governance policies and guidelines is no longer a luxury. No matter how big or small an organisation is. In fact, abiding by updated and conforming governance regulations is becoming a legal requirement in many jurisdictions. Thus, governance compliance is becoming an imminent need. It is...

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