We at BI Consulting acknowledge the need and importance of strategy. In a region promising phenomenal economic growth, yet is turbulent and in need of fundamental strategic tools; dynamic and sound planning is inevitable. We accordingly recognize the need to develop an appropriate strategic planning model that helps organizations design for their future and secure the full advantages of doing so, through a set of implementable and executable strategic initiatives.

Having a suitable blend of corporate environment knowledge and international exposure enables us to develop customized strategic planning approaches of programs and activities, balanced around strategic pillars. Our approach to strategic development and management is not exercise-based, but rather continuous and ongoing. Initiative implementation is carefully guided with the continuous involvement of stakeholders to achieve the desired level of corporate performance.

BI Consulting always ensures that the best strategic tools are employed. We help groups and holding companies in developing their corporate strategies, with focus on the corporate direction, portfolio, and parenting.

We also develop suitable business strategies for companies intended to pinpoint their market position and arm them with the suitable tools to respond and plan for change. To make this all tangible, we assist in implementation planning which includes various evaluation and control plans.

We have helped define strategic visions and destinations, steer directions, and set the array of strategic initiatives for leading corporations and companies in both the private and public sectors, and on a further scale; setting our clients on the path of success.


We at BI Consulting acknowledge the need and importance of strategy. In a...


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